Sunscreen and Primer in One! Biore UV Perfect Bright Face Milk Review

If there is one product that constantly touches my face every single day, it is this sunscreen from the Japanese brand, Biore. The brand has quite a reputation in terms of the effectiveness of its skin care products and how gentle they are in the skin. Let us look at the claims of this Biore UV Perfect Bright Face Milk one by one and I will let you know my thoughts about them.


Superior Double UV Block for Maximum Protection

With its Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of 50 PA ++++, Oh yeah! I put this sunscreen to the test last summer when we went for a short vacation at Boracay. It was scorching hot there as we walked to explore the island and as we enjoyed the beach. Knowing that my sunscreen contains a sufficient amount of protection factor, I did not worry that my face will be totally damaged by the sun’s UV rays. Though my face and body in general became a little tan because of sun exposure, my skin recovered really fast and I did not experienced painful sunburns.


Ultra Light Texture

The consistency of this sunscreen is very liquidy and literally looks and feels like milk. The scent is okay, it’s not “perfumy” but it’s fine.

This little amount of product is good enough to cover my entire face including my neck area. What I do is I apply dots of it on my face and spread it afterwards; making sure that everything is covered.


It glides smoothly on the skin, and there is not a trace of any stickiness or tackiness even on my hands at all! In short, it’s “yucky” free unlike most of other sunscreens.    It’s like you just applied water mixed with a little amount of moisturizer on your face. Seriously, you won’t even feel that you are wearing a sunscreen, that’s how light it is.

Coverage for Pores and Skin Dullness

What I mostly love about this product aside from its high SPF, is how it instantly        improves the over-all look of my skin. It leaves an ample white-ish effect on my face       which makes it look even in terms of complexion. It also helps in blurring out my      pores as if I applied a primer. It gives me a glowing effect that sometimes (especially when my face is in it’s good state), I just put a transluscent powder over it and my base is done already.

Waterproof Formula

I really enjoyed my time in the island during my stay there. It means I went under water and did some activities, so yes I can say that this sunscreen is waterproof. Again, I did not experienced any form of skin damage caused by the sun aside from the change of my color so I am confident that the product stayed pretty long on my skin.


This is how the packaging of the sunscreen looks like. The pink plastic bottle contains 30ml of product that costs P400.00+ at Watsons. It is also available online like Lazada and Beauty Mnl. I found the price very economical because a little amount of the sunscreen goes a long way.

IMG_2620I am glad as to how the bottle was designed. The pointed tip where the product dispenses allows me to have a better control over the amount I just need.


If you are looking for a sunscreen that does not feel like you are wearing one and yet provides protection to your skin and helps in blurring out your pores, I strongly recommend this one from Biore as in two thumbs up you guys!


Boracay Food Trip 2017

Apart from indulging yourself into fun water activities, experiencing the night life or just simply admiring the beauty of Boracay Island, another enjoyable thing to there is of course to EAT! In this blog, I will be featuring dishes and snacks that completed our Boracay escapade last summer.

Haven Bistro 

Part of the Boracay Haven Resort is the Haven Bistro situated at the beachfront of Station 2. They served sumptuous yet affordable american and asian dishes. The ambiance of the bistro is super nice and relaxing. 


Their lumpiang sariwa (fresh spring rolls) will surely entice your appetite by just looking at the colorful, fresh vegetables and it’s rich sauce with bits of toasted garlic.

Lumpiang Sariwa

Their baby back ribs in barbeque sauce with potato wedges and coleslaw on the side topped with corn kernels is delicioso! The meat is really tender (yung tipong humi-hiwalay sa buto) with just the right amount of sweetness to it. 

Baby Back Ribs

Served with pickled papaya and carrots is Haven Bistro’s version of Crispy Pata (deep- fried pork knuckles). By the looks of it, the skin part is crispy while the meat is tender and tasty. Though it was served with gravy, you can go ahead and help yourself choosing from their wide array of sauce mixtures available at the counter.


My favorite dish from the bunch is the pinakbet (mixed vegetables cooked in fish or shrimp sauce/paste) with fried camote chips and slices of pork. I love that it is so tasty and the vegetables were just half cooked.


Haven Bistro also serves fresh fruit juices, fruit shakes, cocktails (there are numerous bottles of Bacardi there) and soft drinks.

Group Shot

Group Shot with Hubby and my Tito’s and Tita

The staff, particulary thelady who attended to our needs was very polite and sweet. She even offered to take photos of us for souvenir.

Real Coffee & Tea Cafe

IMG_2170Opened in year 1996, Real Coffee and Tea Cafe is well known for their original Calamansi Muffin. It was previously located at Station 1 but they eventually transferred to Station 2, facing the beach for that picturesque view.


Their calamansi muffin is so moist and soft with just the right amount of sour taste to it. It is something that I would not be craving for all the time but it is good to finally have a taste of this famous Boracay snack.



Individually priced at P60-65.00 each, you can also buy these tasty calamansi muffins in boxes of six, perfect for pasalubong to your friends and family.


Real Coffee and Tea Cafe also serves breakfast meals and beverages like coffee, tea and fresh fruit juices and shakes. It’s was hilarious that Ryan ordered the calamansi muffin and fresh calamansi juice together, just imagined what his face was like at that time haha!



IMG_2171The whole place is made up of wood and bamboo which provides a very relaxing ambiance. There are cushions to make yourself comfortable and you will be entertained by tons of photographs of common people and celebrities who visited the cafe. As much as possible, try to avoid dining in here during the hot periods of the day because it can be humid inside. 

Merly’s Barbeque



Chori Burger

Another popular snack in Boracay that every tourist should try is the Chori Burger short for Chorizo (grilled pork sausage on a burger bun) claimed to be discovered by Merly’s Barbeque in 1988. Merly’s is just a barbeque stand that can be found  at the front of Casa Fiesta Resort. 


Aside from the classic chori and longga burgers, this barbeque stand also sells popular filipino grilled street foods like chicken and pork intestines, chicken liver, marinated pork, hotdogs and more. 


What makes these snacks more special are the sauces that you can freely consume in your heart’s content. There are sweet, spicy and extra spicy sauces. My favorite is the combination of sweet and spicy sauce. 


There are a couple of plastic table and chairs beside the barbeque stand so you can enjoy your grilled snacks while listening to the party music from nearby bars and clubs.


Breakfast Buffet at La Carmela de Boracay

La carmela de Boracay




Brushes for Asian Eyes : ZOEVA Rose Golden Petit and Luxe Eye Brushes

The struggle is real when it comes on applying a decent eye makeup for monolid or hooded eyes which are common for Asian women. Being a part Chinese, I barely have a crease and my eye lids are too small. Everytime I attempt to apply a multi-colored eye shadow, the outcome was a disaster. It’s as if all the colors I put just pile up together onto my lids, no transition and no depth. I always ended up applying just a single colored eye shadow or not wearing anything at all.

It was until I realized that I have been using the wrong eye makeup brushes all along! The logic is simple, small eyes need small tools. Evidently, it took me a while before figuring this idea out.

Complete 1

Above are the gorgeous eye brushes from the Rose Golden Collection of the German brand, Zoeva. What made me buy these brushes aside from the fact that they are really pretty is the word “petit” on them.

Zoeva brushes are slightly more affordabe than MAC and Sigma brushes but they are of really good quality too.

Trio Whole Edited

PACKAGING Each brush is housed in an engraved rose golden box with lovely detailings, which you can better appreciate when the camera’s flash is on. 

Packaging 1

Packaging 2

Even the interior of the box is in shiny rose gold, super nice!

Packaging 3


The bristles are made from soft and smooth taklon hair also known as synthetic fiber. This means that not a strand of animal hair was taken, the same reason why it is also called “vegan” hair.

At the center part of the ferrule is the engraved logo of Zoeva, while the ferrule itself is  in metallic rose gold tone. 

Trio Slanted Edited

The name of the brushes are engraved neatly on the smooth handles as well.


Rose Golden


In applying eye makeup, we all know that blending is the key. However, this is not an easy job to do especially if you have a limited space to work on. For those chinita ladies out there, below are the brushes that you need  in order to achieve a beautiful eye makeup 😉

Trio 1

223 Petit Eye Blender (P553.00) – The bristles of this makeup brush are dense which allows me to blend my eye shadow really well and help me accentuate my tiny crease. This by far is my favorite eye makeup brush because I can totally finish my whole eye makeup buy using it alone. It provide a sort of “resistance” which makes me have a better control over it.

227 Luxe Soft Definer (P553.00) – Also perfect for blending the eye shadow is this oval-shaped brush. I love that the bristles are entirely white and its flat shape make the application of cream and powder eye shadow easier. With the help of this brush, I can now create an eye makeup with transition effect.

231 Luxe Petit Crease (P553.00) – To soften up the eye shadow edges and give the eye makeup a more polish look, girls with monolid eyes really need this brush. The pointed tip of the brush allows me do a much more detailed work like providing depth in the crease area.

Now, another brush that I strongly recommend for every Asian girls like me to have is this ..

240 Luxe Petit Pencil (P638.00) – (from the original line) this little helper allows me to create an “outer v” for that smoky eye shadow effect. Since the bristle of this brush is tiny and pointed, I also use this in applying shimmers on my inner tear ducts and eye shadow on my lower eyelids.

Pencil Brush

Body Petit Pencil

Pencil Tail

Pencil Packaging

Below are some pictures of me wearing an eye makeup using the brushes that I just talked to you about. As you can tell, there are no harsh lines and the transition of colors is visible. I did not go for a dramatic look here, rather just played with my neutal eye shadow palette. Honestly, this is the best eye shadow application that I have ever done.

With a little more practice, I am sure that I can create a more precise and on point eye makeup with the use of the Zoeva petit and luxe brushes.




Current Evening Skin Care Routine

Title Poster

Heys guys! How is it going? It’s been a year since I shared my last skin care routine and there are a lot of changes since then. Yes, I have been utilizing more products than before and this makes my skin smoother and healthier than ever. 


If you are an avid reader of this blog, I trust that you already know how sensitive my skin is. It’s no surprise that I am very picky when it comes to the products that I am getting … and then there comes SIMPLE! This skin care brand from UK which came to the Philippines just last year, claims to be the “senstive skin experts” (ugh! like music to my ears). Simple’s Moisturising Facial Wash is so gentle it does not sting my eyes. It’s bubbly but not too foamy. Aside from the fact that it is way more affordable than Cetaphil, it also has multi-vitamins in it.



No matter how gentle and moisturizing your cleanser is, toning your face must immediatley follow right after patting your face dry (you know … the PH level stuff). This Beauty Water from Son & Park kicked my Etude House Wonder Pore Freshener’s butt. I like that this product acts as a toner and an exfoliant (still safe for everyday use) at the same time. I was amazed the first time I used this, no wonder it’s all over Instagram nowadays. An in depth review will be posted soon.  

Beauty Water


After cleansing and toning, it is now time to treat my entire face with essences and serums from facial sheet masks. I just pick whatever kind of mask I want for the night, put them on for twenty minutes and my skin feels very hydrated, refreshed and plumped afterwards. Korean sheet masks are my all time favorite! Here are some from Nature Republic and Holika Holika.



The Clinique Moisture Surge blew me away! Well, did not expect anything special about this moisturizer the very first time I applied it on my face. But after noticing how soft and smooth my face became after that first application, I googled and seen great reviews about it … never stopped using it since then. I love the pink gel cream consistency of this product, I also like that it’s not sticky. My skin feels really hydrated everytime I used this moisturizer.



For my eye cream, I am currently using the Eyelift Cream from QuickFx. It’s probably one of the cheapest eye cream products in the market but so far I think it is working for me. I used to disregard eye creams before but please never do the same if you do not want to have puffy eyes and develop wrinkles in the near future which is a nightmare!

Eye Cream

EXTRA STEPS Below are additional skin care steps that I do not do every single night/day but only when it is needed.

A. Removing my makeup with Cleansing Oil

Stubborn face makeup cannot be easily removed by just using a cleanser. Whenever I have to wear full face makeup on, I get rid of them buy using the Biore Cleansing Oil. It smells so good and I felt relaxed as I massaged it to my skin just to make sure that no cosmetic residue will be left behind. 

Makeup Remover

B. Exfoliating/Scrubbing

I only exfoliate or use face scrubs twice to three times a week after cleansing may face and before toning. Alternately, I  use the Strawberry Purifying Facial Scrub from Human Nature and the Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask from Elizavecca. (Just click on the links for my reviews about these products).

Clay Mask


Before I leave home during the day, I never forget to put on my sunscreen. No more explanations needed, it is a must thing to do. The higher the sun protection factor (SPF) the better. This UV Perfect Bright Milk sunscreen from Biore has a whopping SPF 50 PA ++++. It is not sticky, I love the liquidy consistency and it looks like milk literally. More of my thoughts about this sunscreen soon.

Sun Screen

Let me know what products you are currently using for your own skin care routine on the comment box and …..


Skin Care made FUN! Bubble up with Elizavecca Carbonated Clay Mask

I love indulging my face on various sheet masks (mostly korean’s) because of countless reasons. Clay or mud types of masks however are not the best options for me because I feel like they are so messy to work with. Until I came across and became intrigued with the Elizavecca Milky Piggy Bubble Carbonated Clay Mask (whew! that’s  a mouthful!). This clay mask is not your ordinary “mud pack” kind of thing. Right after application, it instantly bubbles up like crazy until it dominates the entire face which sounds fun!

Elizavecca Cosmetics is a Korean brand and I actually have their Skin Liar Primer which I love. I do not know about the term “milky piggy”  and what it’s got to do with the product but it’s still cute so carry lang din (or maybe because pigs loves to play with mud like Peppa hehe!). It is said that the mask is carbonated for it contains carbonic acid, I searched it’s scientific definition and my mind collapsed lol! Just imagine fizzy drinks like your regular soda, it contains carbonic acid which makes it fizz and bubble up when opened. Some of this clay mask’s ingredients are green tea extracts and charcoal powder. I got it for P550.00 from Althea Philippines.

The product itself  is a clay-based mask that promises to deep clean the pores, makes the skin moist, soft and smooth. It is said to be suitable for all skin types. Read more below to know if these claims are true.


IMG_0160 1

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What’s with the PINK Egg? My take on the Original Beauty Blender

Everyone in the beauty community is familiar with this “legendary” pink, squishy, egg-shaped makeup sponge and the high price tag that comes with it. I purchased mine from Sephora Philippines hoping that it will be a game changer for me when it comes to foundation/concealer application and achieving a flawless base.


The beauty blender is contained in a see-through plastic canister with removable cap that has a tiny hole at the center. There is a small rounded pamphlet at the bottom part of the canister where the beauty blender sits. It basically tells you how to use and clean the makeup sponge.

Canister and BB


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The Party Tray Trend Feat. CCME Homemade Foodstuff Co.


Gone are the days when throwing for a party or a gathering in one’s place is a toxic and very tiring experience especially when it comes to food preparation. Thanks to  Food Caterers because finally there is someone who can do the heavy task of shopping food ingredients, do pre-cook preparations, cooking to dish presentation until clean up time. That means no more washing of huge pots and pans and cleaning up loads of food utensils.

But what if you will  just be having a simple get together or celebrate an occasion exclusively for friends or family members like birthdays, bridal and baby showers etcetera and hiring a caterer is not a practical thing to do?

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Korean Bingsu Featuring: SNOW PANDA


Bingsu also known as “bingsoo” or “patbingsu” is a well known cold dessert in Korea. It is basically shaved ice topped with beans, rice cakes, condensed milk, chocolate powder and pretty much every ingredient that you can imagine. Does it ring a bell? … Yes, it is actually comparable to the ever famous Filipino dessert, Halo-Halo. However, there is one major distinction that I noticed between the two as to how the ice shavings are being prepared. You will find out more of this below 😉

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Ninyo’s Fusion Cuisine and Wine Lounge

Undeniably, L.O.V.E. is in the air! It’s  Feb-ibig as what some of us calls it. In today’s blog I thought of sharing with you a very romantic place where Ryan and I celebrated our wedding anniversary last November. For those couples out there who still have no place to go to on Valentines Day, you are in for a treat. (I hope I am not too late though – insert peace sign).



Ninyo’s Fusion Cuisine and Wine Lounge is located at Loyola Heights in Quezon City. It is actually an ancestral house turned into a fancy restaurant indoors and a garden restaurant outdoors. I also love the fact that it is not situated along with typical hotels and restaurants, giving you a feeling of positive isolation I must say. You have the option to dine indoors, al fresco or in their outdoor private gazebos.


Indoor Dining Area

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Korean Frozen Treats in Manila


The day after the new year’s day, hubby and I went to Lucky Chinatown mall to have lunch and look into some things. Before we leave the mall, we decided to check out their grocery store called Metro Supermarket and do a little grocery shopping. We went down to the ground floor (frozen and imported goods section) and we saw a chest freezer full of frozen desserts from Korea!!! All of them are made by the Korean company; Binggrae Co. Ltd.

The first one that caught my eyes is the ice pop from the brand Melona (P31.00). It is a fruit flavored ice pop that is so creamy, fruity and very tasty. The amount of sweetness is just right. 


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